Do you need custom, high quality uniforms for your team? We can make it happen! Fully sublimated and fully customizable.

We require 50% payment before submitting your order.


What is the turnaround time?

Your order will be shipped 2-4 weeks after 50% payment is received. Please be mindful when placing your order.

How do I pay?

We require 50% up front to move forward with your project. The remaining balance is due once the order arrives. After we finalize your order, we will send an electronic invoice to your email that can be paid online.

Please let us know if you need shipping and we will ship your order for free!  

What if my order is incorrect?

We will provide a roster for you to input your information such as names, numbers and sizes for your uniforms. Please ensure all information is correct, this will be the information used for your uniforms. You will have to pay for replacement if the incorrect information was submitted.

We will take full responsibility for any issues that arise from our end.

How do I submit my information?

Fill out the information below and we will reach out via email within 24 hours.

We will provide a roster for you to fill out with all the needed information!

What is the cost?

Since we supply uniforms for every sport, cost varies! We will provide you with a personalized

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