Do you want to set up a fan gear store AND raise money for your team?! Let us take care of the hard part! We can design a completely personalized and custom online shopping experience that includes a custom website link! We set up the store completely free!

Check out our demo store!


What information do you need?

Please provide us with

  • Dates you would like the store to run (typically two weeks)
  • Any specific items you would like in the store (t-shirts, crewneck, hoodies, etc.)

What is the turnaround time?

Most stores run for two weeks with a 14-business day turnaround time after the store closing date.

How much is the fundraiser?

-The typical fundraiser amount is $3-$5 per item. You can choose what works best for you!

How much do the items cost?

The prices below are before the fundraiser amount added. These are just the base items. Ask about other items you can include in your store!

  • T-Shirts- $14
  • Long Sleeved- $16
  • Crewnecks- $20
  • Hoodies- $30
  • Raglan Tees- $16
  • Sweatpants- $28
  • Hats- $25

Can I add names and numbers to the back?

-Yes! Please specify that you want to add a name and number option to your store!

How do I receive the orders?

There will be an option for pick up or shipping.
Pick up would be from
Porter Shirts
488 N. Indiana Ave
Sellersburg, IN

If you would like to pick up for your entire team, just let us know and we can make that an option!

Shipping is always listed as an option if someone would prefer shipping! (Standard shipping rates will apply)

We bag each order and label with the customer’s name for easy distribution!

Do you want to set up a fundraiser store? Let's get started today!