Do you have a logo you would like embroidered? We can help! We offer affordable embroidery for single or bulk orders!

We have a variety of items. Check out our embroidery catalog here!

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What is the turnaround time?

-Once paid, we quote a two-week turnaround.

 What can you embroider?

-We can embroider backpacks, polos, pullovers, sweatshirts, beanies, aprons & more!

-Our baseball caps are outsourced to ensure the best quality and quickest turnaround!

Can you embroider my logo?

-Yes! There is a $15 set up fee for a new logo then $10 per embroidery. If you place a bulk order, it is $5-$8 per embroidery depending on design and quantity!

Can I bring my items in to be embroidered?

-Yes, we will take personal items to be embroidered. Please be mindful that rarely, unforeseen incidents could happen that may diminish the quality of your item. We require a signed waver before embroidering personal items.

What is the cost?

For new logos, we require a one-time $15 set up fee. Each embroidery is $10! If you would like a design we already have, there is no setup fee!

Bulk orders will be $5-$8 per embroidery depending on design and quantity.

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